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V2 Red Variety Bartok Pin

Image of V2 Red Variety Bartok Pin

Moved into production April 18th, 2019*
Photo update added 5/21/2019
Pins arrived 5/30 presales will shipp first accordingly.

This is the second run of this design, it will not have a third. Don't miss out on this pin! It's two pins each 2.5 inches in size connected by a chain.

LE50 in gold metal, All hard enamels with glow and transparent red enamels in the vial. This is the second run and the colors have only changed in the bottle.

*This is a PRESALE. Please keep in mind that these take anywhere from as little as 4 weeks to as many as 10 weeks to complete, around holidays and for the human touch that is hand filled enamel pins. The process is longer depending on the detail and extras.

Please keep in mind when purchasing; pins may have tiny little scuff marks or mold marks (like a minor scratch) on them. That does not mean there damaged or rejects. It’s an unfortunate part of the manufacturing process that can not be avoided. It will not take away the beauty of these pins.