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Keeper of Keys at Hogwarts

Image of Keeper of Keys at Hogwarts

Are you looking to sneak around the grounds at Hogwarts? Or perhaps you work there, no magic? No problem, buy an Alohomora key (opens all doors), or snatch either of the winged flying keys to get at the sorcerer stone, watch out for He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named!

Mini Key with wings (bottom right): Silver metal key at 1.5 inches, with hard enamels (blue shades)! LE50

(SOLD OUT) Butterfly wing key (top right): 2 inches, hard enamels, Silver 3D metal. LE50

Alohomora Key (left key): 3 inches long, 3D gold metal with swarovski gems (one for each house). LE50

Please keep in mind when purchasing; pins may have tiny little scuff marks or mold marks (like a minor scratch) on them. That does not mean there damaged or rejects. It’s an unfortunate part of the manufacturing process that can not be avoided. It will not take away the beauty of these pins.