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Jumbo Maleficent Dragon Fantasy Pin

Image of Jumbo Maleficent Dragon Fantasy Pin
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This is a fantasy trading pin, for purses/lanyards and hats. This is a Maleficent dragon pin-on-pin, the green fire is both glow-in-the-dark and glittered! This pin has a wonderful back stamp design of a spindle with a wrap around quote "TOUCH THE SPINDLE, TOUCH IT I SAY!"

It is 3.5" tall cast in Silver polished metal, LE100 they are numbered on the backside. Hard enamel throughout the whole pin, glitter/glow in the dark and Pin-on-pin.

Please keep in mind when purchasing; pins may have tiny little scuff marks or mold marks (like a minor scratch) on them. That does not mean there damaged or rejects. It’s an unfortunate part of the manufacturing process that can not be avoided. It will not take away the beauty of these pins.